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Good Iron. GREAT Experience!

Join the Behlen Family

Behlen is proud of the relationships we have built with our builders and take pride in the long-term commitments we have established over the years. Authorized Behlen Builders are experienced and held in high regard by the construction industry. With nearly 80 years of manufacturing experience, Behlen Building Systems continues to build strength through our longevity. Join the Behlen family where you receive Good Iron and a Great Experience.

Why become a Behlen Builder?

The Behlen name is renowned for being the Good Iron People, backed by many years of solid craftsmanship.  Behlen was the first in the United States to be IAS AC472 Accredited assuring world class quality in primary framing fabrication, light-gauge welded fabrication, cold-formed fabrication, as well as engineering. As a result, an independent non-biased and objective third party auditor thoroughly scrutinizes Behlen manufacturing processes.  Behlen has maintained ISO 9001 Certification since 1999.   Behlen gained CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau) certification and also CAN/CSA A660-10 for engineering design methods and personnel.  This standard ensures builders receive a quality product.

As a Behlen Builder, you’re a part of a culture where your business truly matters, and our Partners in Progress (employees) have a vested interest in helping you win in the marketplace. Each builder has a dedicated District Manager and Customer Service Representative who oversee the entire process of an order through delivery. Behlen takes pride in keeping the lines of communication open so we are always ready to take your call.  Our Partners have a determined work ethic when it comes to helping our builders succeed making it a ‘win, win’ for all.

As a new Builder, Behlen supports you with marketing collateral to help you build your business.

A creative department who is ready to help with all your advertising design needs.  Behlen graphics will collaborate with you to exceed your expectations and get your name in front of the eyes of your customers.

  • Site Signs cobranded with builder logo and contact information.
  • Sales aids from samples to custom brochures featuring your business and the value of a Behlen building
  • Media advertisements including print ads, web ads to billboard creation to decals.

Co-op Advertising Program is an extension of your building purchase.  Behlen likes to give back to our builders and help you grow through advertising and marketing dollars.

Builder e-Newsletters provide updates of Behlen news.  Our leadership team shares current information concerning engineering, detailing, technology, growth opportunities and so much more.

Annual Builder Meeting:  As a Behlen Builder you are invited to join our family at various destinations around the globe to learn more about Behlen.  It’s an opportunity to relax and gain insight from other builders across the nation, as well as, gain insight from the Behlen leadership team.

Behlen website link:  To build on the co-brand, Behlen will provide a logo and URL (www.behlenbuildingsystems.com) for placement on your website.

Quote Collaboration:  As a builder, we work one-on-one with you to make sure Behlen has the right information at the right time.  When there are complex buildings or a need to gather additional information, Behlen has developed a collaboration process where engineering, sales and the builder extensively review the project to ensure accuracy and timeliness.

Behlen Website Generated Leads:  As requests for building information are gathered via the Behlen Building System website, Behlen, in turn, shares these leads with our Builders to grow your business.

Builder Training/Certification School:  Behlen provides opportunities to learn more about our products while providing best practices for installation and construction.  We utilize tenured Behlen builders who are experts in the field to lead and teach these valuable training sessions.

Authorized Behlen Builder:  Behlen has been in the industry nearly 80 years with a strong commitment to our brand.  We take pride in our products and value the integrity Behlen stands for. We share this commitment with our builders by sharing our brand with you.  We supply the Behlen Name and Logo as a reminder of this commitment.

It’s easy to start the process of becoming a Behlen Builder. Fill our this form to begin your Good Iron Great Experience. A Behlen representative will contact you promptly.