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Behlen S-Span Large Clear Span Metal Building

Clear Span Buildings

For column-free, unobstructed spans, the clear choice is Behlen’s self-supporting S-Span Roof System.

The S-SPAN system is ideal for recreational facilities, aircraft hangars, arenas, or large clear spans are desired.

With S-Span, the roof and ceiling are integral parts of the structural system. Two separate continuous chords of steel panels are joined together by a diagonal strut assembly. The top chord forms a finished, weather-proof roof. The bottom chord forms a clean, attractive, finished ceiling.

S-Span Roof Systems can be installed on Behlen’s load-bearing steel walls, masonry walls, precast concrete walls, or perimeter column systems.

Construction of a Behlen S-Span building is truly unique. With all the support strength formed into the corrugated steel wall panels, there are no interior frames to work around. S-Span interiors are uncluttered and attractive. Speakers, lighting and other equipment can be bolted directly to the ceiling. Mechanical equipment and electrical wiring can be hidden from sight. The energy-efficient design of the roof allows a high R-value to be achieved.

Dress it Up

There is almost no limitation in facing materials that can be used on an S-Span building. Choose from standard corrugated steel panels, color coated ADP panels and facades to masonry, wood or even glass.

  • Convex and Dubl-Panl Roofs for S-Span BuildingsThe perfect roofing answer for pre-cast concrete or masonry wall construction
  • Long, clear-span capabilities
  • Provides the finished roof as it’s installed
  • No special fasteners needed, only standard Behlen components
  • Conceal wiring, HVAC, piping and insulation between the roof and ceiling