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Good Iron. GREAT Experience!

Behlen Frame BuildingBehlen professionally-engineered frame systems provide exceptional design flexibility and optimum performance. Behlen registered engineers design your building precisely to your needs. Choose from a variety of framing options, including Behlen multi span systems.

Tapered or straight sidewall columns can be used in any Behlen framing system. Use straight column design for ease of interior finishing or tapered columns for building economy. Behlen offers two standard wall panels with a variety of other alternatives available. Your Behlen Builder can provide you with complete information on wall system and exterior finishing options.

With superior attention to detail in the engineering and manufactured stages, Behlen is respected for its “good iron”- steel that fits together right the first time, speeding construction and increasing building economy.


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Gabled Clear Span & Single Slope Clear Span DiagramsGABLED CLEAR SPAN

This is generally the best frame system when wide-open interiors are desired, such as commercial and industrial installations, hangars, or recreational facilities.


The rafter members allow easy, economical interior framing and finishing. Clear spans are ideal for additions, small arenas, manufacturing and flexible strip malls.

Single Slope Multi Span & Gabled Multi Span DiagramsSINGLE SLOPE MULTI SPAN

The clean, straight lines of a single slope structure are ideal for retail centers and office facilities, in addition to many other commercial and manufacturing applications. Mezzanines can be easily added for office areas, classrooms, or extra storage.


One of the most effective low-rise structures–ideal for factories, warehouses, or mixed use facilities.

ZL-24 and ZL-16 Standing Seam Roof Panels

Choose an exterior that incorporates a combination of brick, wood, glass or any other conventional material. Select a clean, simple economical facade using painted metal panels

Behlen ADP Roof and Wall panels are fabricated for long-term durability.  Industry leading, premium, baked-on paint, in many color choices, increases long-term durability, or choose GALVALUME finish.

ZL-24™ Standing Seam Roof System

The patented Behlen ZL-24™ allows for the ultimate flexibility in roof design and installation. This adds up to a quality, reliable roof over your building and creates savings in cost and time for your project.

ZL-16™ Architectural Roof System

The patented Behlen ZL-16™ roof system allows for cost efficient installation with consistent purlin spacing, one panel size, and one clip throughout the entire roof.