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Good Iron. GREAT Experience!

Hawker1For long life and outstanding service the Behlen curvet has proven itself as an excellent building system. Wall panels are roll formed (4-1/2″ deep) from heavy gauge steel coils (nothing less than 20 gauge) to form arch sections of outstanding strength.

This building provides a great solution for economical grain equipment storage.

Door frames are available for overhead and bi-fold door use. All slide doors are bottom rolling on large diameter wheels for easy opening.


  • 51′ Curvet is 17′-5″ high in center, it is 5′-6″ clear 3′ from sidewall. 68′ Curvet is 23′ in center and 6′ clear 3′ from sidewall.
  • Grain storage Curvets allow grain to be piled up to 10′ high against sidewalls and 9′ against endwalls, without tie rods or braces.
  • Loading hatches can be located along the top of the building to make filling a simple operation.
  • Steel slide doors, windows and walk doors can be installed in the endwalls.
  • Standard slide doors are available 16′-10″ wide x 14′ high and 23′-8″ wide x 14′ high. (16′ high doors available in the 68′ Curvet)
  • Large 44′ x 14′ and 30′-6″ x 16′ slide doors are available for the 68′ Curvet. All slide doors have 3″ roll formed panels.
  • Can be easily expanded by adding wall units.